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  • TCANZ Conference 2012

    TCANZ Conference 2012

    This October, I had the pleasure of participating in a professional development conference with the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand. I’ve been involved with TCANZ for eleven years, seven years as a member, two years as Wellington Branch Coordinator, and two years as Vice President. Along with assisting Adam Shelton with publicity, I was […]

  • Busy Springtime: TCANZ Conference, Plain English Awards

    Busy Springtime: TCANZ Conference, Plain English Awards

    A quick note as part of a busy springtime here in New Zealand. I’m very honored to be a judge of the New Zealand Plain English Awards. Last year, I judged several categories, and had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Neil James of the Plain English Foundation in Sydney. This year, us judges will be […]

  • Thoughts on NetHui 2012

    Thoughts on NetHui 2012

    NetHui 2012 was one of the liveliest and most engaging conferences I’ve ever attended. NetHui is supposed to be a space for people of different backgrounds to come together and discuss  Internet issues in New Zealand.  Plenty of IT movers and shakers were there, along with lawyers, Creative Commons representatives, teachers, health care professionals, and […]

  • Art in Auckland

    Art in Auckland

    In a happy coincidence, when I was in Auckland this July, I was able to attend the opening of Jasmine Kamante and Jesper Sundwall‘s art show, Florence to Auckland. They are both Classical Realists, and their detailed, touchable work applies the techniques of the Old Masters to postmodern subjects – shearing tools, streaked resin bottles, […]

  • It’s a site! And, off to NetHui

    It’s a site! And, off to NetHui

    After helping friends and clients with web sites for four years, I finally have a web site of my own. Just in time for me to attend the 2012 NetHui in Auckland. I’m anticipating learning a lot about Internet copyright, human rights, and multi-media convergence. Along with NetHui, I’m also looking forwards to seeing several […]