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  • A Technical Communicators Conference in New Zealand

    A Technical Communicators Conference in New Zealand

    On October 12th through 15th, one-third of the membership of TCANZ,  80+ professionals, gathered in Christchurch for our biannual conference. I was one of the conference emcees and contributed to organizing it (not as much as the stellar core crew, especially Kaye Churches). Sunday night, we began with our lively cocktail party. Two-thirds of the…

  • Art in Auckland

    Art in Auckland

    In a happy coincidence, when I was in Auckland this July, I was able to attend the opening of Jasmine Kamante and Jesper Sundwall‘s art show, Florence to Auckland. They are both Classical Realists, and their detailed, touchable work applies the techniques of the Old Masters to postmodern subjects – shearing tools, streaked resin bottles,…